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Gas Experts

A gas leak is an urgent matter that needs to be looked at by a licensed professional. Our team at First Choice Plumbing will make sure to address gas leaks immediately to avoid serious repercussions. If you suspect a leak in your gas line or need a gas line repaired or replaced, please call us. We serve residential and commercial clients in Horry and Georgetown County and the surrounding areas. Call (843) 353-4923 for a free on-site estimate..

What We Provide

Tankless Water Heaters

Emergency Service

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Correction Of Plumbing Code Violations

Gas Violation Services

If you had a gas leak and your meter has been locked and shut off, don’t waste time, please contact First Choice Plumbing. Our team will perform an integrity test to make sure that there are no leaks in the piping, fittings, or material. When the inspection is complete and passes, the violation will be removed. This service can usually be done within a day, so you don’t have to go without gas in your home to long. Feel free to call us for additional information.

Don't Try This At Home

When it comes to anything to do with gas, don’t take on the risk; call the professionals at First Choice Plumbing. Our technicians have over 50 years of experience handling all matters of gas service. Whether it’s a leak or a line that needs to be replaced, we have the right equipment to handle each job safely and efficiently. Gas is not something to play around with, don’t panic; call us today.